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Flight search from Skyscanner Need a cheap flight, fast? Search millions of routes on over 1,000 airlines and find the lowest priced flights in seconds with the free Skyscanner Windows app; save money, save time. Skyscanner sources the best deals ...
May 19th 2013 Freeware    10k
Cheapest Flights Guaranteed Everytime!
FINDING THE CHEAPEST FLIGHTS... At the moment, when looking for flights, how do you know thatyou have booked the best possible flights at the best possible prices ? WOULD IT HELP... When looking for flights if you could see all ...
January 18th 2005 Shareware    4,431k
Free Barcode Maker for Mac
Free barcode maker software for Mac is capable to produce bulk barcode labels using random, constant value, sequential series generation methodologies. Mac barcode software is best tool for all profitable or non profitable business application areas including Shipping, Transportation, Automobile, ...
January 31st 2011 Shareware    2,038k
Saurus CMS Free for Linux
About Saurus CMS is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with full range of site administration and development tools. It gives you flexibility to quickly set up a blog, public website, corporate intranet or customer extranet. How ...
August 26th 2011 Freeware    3,932k
Now Boarding for Linux
Welcome to Now Boarding!

The employees of Airways Airlines are an interesting bunch. Their airport is going to be closed if they don't get some help quick. You must take charge and get the airport running smooth. Be responsible for delivering ...
July 27th 2011 Shareware    12,605k
CutTheCosta has just launched the largest budget flight database ever created. With over 64,000 flights representing over 240 airlines in 202 countries, is confident it can offer its users a choice of airlines that will take them to their ...
October 1st 2011 Freeware    828k
Angry Birds
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds' eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs' fortified castles. Angry Birds ...
March 1st 2013 Shareware    42,906k
Doodle Destroy
Doodle Destroy is finally available for the Mac! ! This game was featured on ! The famous iPhone game with Over 1,000,000 Downloads is finally available for the Mac! Game Description: Try ...
January 30th 2013 Shareware    4,403k
Flight Status
Flight Status is a powerful flight tracking application for all flights worldwide. Check flight delays, view arrival and departure times, terminal and gate numbers, baggage claim info and much more. App also supports multiple zoom-able map styles and ...
February 9th 2013 Shareware    3,584k
IBAN Validator
* Easily and quickly validate any IBAN number, directly from your Mac! * The IBAN (Internation Bank Account Number) Validator is supporting the following countries : Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech ...
January 25th 2013 Shareware    307k
IBAN Validator X
IBAN Validator X helps you easily validate IBANs. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts. The app supports 60 countries: (Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Virgin ...
December 6th 2012 Shareware    1,024k
Robot Roadies
The No.1 Ranked Free Music Game Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Columbia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Honk Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand &
April 20th 2013 Freeware    28,058k
Vanish Balls
The most addicting iPhone game is now available for the Mac! Featured on CNN Featured by Apple in the "New And Noteworthy" section in puzzle and arcade on iPhone. Try a smart physics puzzle action. ...
April 13th 2013 Shareware    4,813k
World Radio
* Current station list: World Radio is an Internet radio player application that runs in the menubar and provides access to over 4,000 radio stations from around the world. Stations can be searched by title, genre and geographical ...
February 16th 2013 Freeware    6,554k
First Class Flurry
Top 10 Game in 27 countries including US, UK, Canada Australia and Germany! (4.5/5 Stars) - "First Class Flurry engrosses from the first plane trip and doesn't stop!" Here is your chance to become a flight ...
January 20th 2013 Shareware    25,702k
MARCO POLO travelmagazine
MARCO POLO travelmagazine Brand new, digital & for free The MARCO POLO travelmagazine is a digital journal, monthly published, which entertains the reader with reports of exciting adventures from all over the world, spectacular photo series and videos. Stories about ...
June 22nd 2013 Freeware    10k
! Worldwide Newspapers Reader
The Worldwide Newspapers Reader allows you to read all 2300+ worldwide newspapers directly.A very quick and easy way to stay in touch with your favourite newspapers around the whole world. Read your papers in just minutes and few clicks. Anywhere ...
April 26th 2013 Shareware    2,079k
! Read 2000 American Newspapers
The Read 2000 American Newspapers can read 2600+ U.S. newspapers by State.It can deliver you the news you want from all over the U.S. in just seconds, with effortless actions. Just few clicks away. Whether it's the Washington Post or ...
February 9th 2013 Shareware    2,386k
United Kingdom Newspapers Reader
The United Kingdom Newspapers Reader allows you to read all 1000+ United Kingdom Newspapers directly.A very quick and easy way to stay in touch with your favourite UK newspapers . Read your papers in just minutes and few clicks. Anywhere ...
May 26th 2013 Shareware    1,966k
! HongKong All Stock Monitor
The HongKong All Stock Monitor allows you to browse all 1300+ public companies stock exchange information in HongKong directly.A very quick and easy way to stay in touch with your favourite public companies stock in HongKong. browse your stocks in ...
January 8th 2013 Shareware    1,966k
! Japan All Stock Monitor
NCOJapan All Stock MonitorNCo allows you to browse all 2400+ public companies stock exchange information in Japan directly.A very quick and easy way to stay in touch with your favourite public companies stock in Japan. browse your stocks in just ...
June 13th 2013 Shareware    1,761k
P2P 2 Way Webcam Video Chat Script
VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat is a P2P high definition web video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or ...
February 12th 2013 Shareware    745k
eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots
eLog is an electronic logbook program for pilots from all over the world ranging from private pilots to professional pilots working at worldwide operating airlines. As it is designed specifically for this audience, eLog provides various features to make the ...
January 11th 2013 Freeware    20,214k
Barcode Image Software
Barcode Image Software to print bar codes tag with valuable data implementation. Bar coding software can makes thousands of bar images with dynamics data which represent at specific goods also tag sticks contain messages and price of goods. Bar labels ...
June 21st 2013 Shareware    2,980k
CD DVD Label Creator
Prominent label designer application is customized solution for all major commercial organizations such as Airlines, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, banks, Healthcare etc. CD DVD label creator software designs streamline, dazzling photo ID badges that easily scans and print by all printers, ...
January 6th 2013 Shareware    5,417k
Symbol Barcode
Barcode labeling tool provides facility to import all generated barcode labels in various Windows applications such as word, paint, excel etc. Freeware barcode image creator program generates useful, attractive barcode images from Desktop PC or laptop in just few seconds. ...
March 8th 2013 Shareware    5,140k
Hospital Barcode Label
Hospital barcode label software facilitates linear and 2D barcode font standards to generate perfectly readable and best looking pharmaceutical barcode stickers in real time. Freeware barcode image maker application produces multiple copies of rich quality and outstanding healthcare barcode labels ...
May 9th 2013 Shareware    4,997k
Barcode Generator Healthcare Industry
Barcode generator healthcare industry software is excellent tool that designs most versatile, high quality and wonderful healthcare barcode tags for commercial purpose in efficient manner. Impressive barcode sticker producer application facilitates business owner to generate outstanding and good looking pharmaceutical ...
April 9th 2013 Shareware    4,997k
Medical Barcodes Generator
Medical barcodes generator software is finest quality tool to design ready to print and multicolored pharmaceuticals barcode labels in just single mouse click. Impressive barcode sticker producer application creates multiple copies of printable medical industry barcode images with different text, ...
June 4th 2013 Shareware    4,997k
Barcodes for Health Products
Barcodes for health products software is highly interactive tool to create amazing, readable pharmaceutical barcode labels for commercial and personal purpose. Freeware barcode sticker producer application builds all shapes and size of dazzling healthcare barcode ribbons in your style with ...
June 25th 2013 Shareware    4,997k
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Airline Reservations System
This system can manage multiple airlines, schedules, fares, multiple agents can log in and users can view deals reserve online and pay with either a credit card, check or cash. The admin can basically setup the system to your needs ...
December 19th 2005 Commercial     
Complete PHP Travel Affiliate Website
Comeplete Professional Website with Hosting! | | Your Online Travel Agency is loaded with the best travel services on the Internet including online hotel booking, flight reservation system, car rental system and destination guides to the most traveled cities around ...
November 29th 2005 Commercial     
Travelon Xpress
Travelon Xpress 6.2.2 is an exclusive product developed for all travel agencies across the globe. The script is coded in PHP/ MySQL and is highly customizable by the Admin.

Features: Domestic Flights, International Flights, Book Domestic Hotels, Book International Hotels, ...
April 21st 2012 Commercial     
Trading strategy back tester
Directions to run the file.1. Unzip the file "" so that you'll get the folder "TradingStrat".2. Set your working directory as "TradingStrat > CSV" (The CSV folder holds the comma separated values data which is required to use the back ...
June 1st 2013 Shareware    5,632k
Site Pass
Site Pass is a module that enables user authentication without passwords.Instead of having to remember passwords users simply request a Site Pass when they need one. (This is similar to the way that airlines allow you to do on-line check-in ...
April 8th 2013 Freeware    10k
OpenAirlines OAX
Open Airlines eXchanges (OAX) is an open, license-free, standard model for representing and exchanging airline data.Is is based on a standard UML model, an open and extendible XML representation, and standard Web Services definitions (WSDL).
May 8th 2013 Freeware     
FSPiRep is a revolutionary piece of software allowing Virtual Airlines to quickly and efficiently get their websites up and running within a few minutes.
June 23rd 2013 Freeware     
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